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With operations across all major ports in Ireland, there are opportunities all around the country, as well as a number of international locations.

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We are a team at dsg

Join a diverse, ambitious and dynamic team at DSG, where you can grow your career

Working at Doyle Shipping Group has allowed me to be flexible within my role. I am trained as a foreman, first aider, tug, flex, and forklift driver.

This makes my role exciting as each day brings different challenges that need to be solved.

Teamwork is required here at DSG and taking pride in your work ethic is appreciated by colleagues and the company.

Since starting here nine years ago, Doyle Shipping Group has grown immensely, and Health and Safety is major priority."

“Its great to be part of a ever growing successful company.

Since starting in ferry services at DSG seventeen years ago, I am now a vessel planner for container shipments.

What makes my role interesting is even daily routine brings something new, with plenty to learn.

DSG values its customers and employees, I have always found DSG great to work for.”

“I started here as a as a studman. After three months I got trained in a tug and two months later I ended up where I always wanted from the start, RTG driver and trainer.

I got lucky enough to get a job that pays me to have fun. Yes, there are bad days like in any other job but the bottom line is that I'm having fun driving and training.

The boys never grow up, only the toys get bigger.”

Greenore Port is an environment which is everchanging with new developments and projects to work on.

Getting an apprenticeship here, has allowed me to work in a team, that challenges me. I constantly get to work on new and different machines.

What makes me proud to work here, is the effort the company has put in to makes this apprenticeship happen.

With the team environment and safety culture, I know I am looked after."

“Working at the leading shipping company in Ireland and the people I work with makes me proud.

Since starting eight years ago, the company's emphasis on safety has become a lot stronger. Doyle Shipping Group has heavily invested in my training to meet and exceed the needs of my role, as SHEQ safety advisor.

My role is constantly evolving and improving because of the emphasis on safety.

Since the company operates in all major ports in Ireland, I have had the opportunity to relocate to Greenore Port, keeping and advancing in my role."

“What motivates and makes my role interesting is that no two days are the same at Doyle Shipping Group.

As a manager, I embrace the family atmosphere and operate with an open-door policy for staff.

What makes it worthwhile working here is that there are countless opportunities to progress within the company. I started as a tug driver, became a ship planner and soon after became the manager of our RoRo Division.”


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A diverse, ambitious and dynamic team, where you can grow your career

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