Our Values

A family company that is now steered by the 3rd Generation of the Doyle family and a committed board of directors. Our values are inherent to our business developed over the past 130 years of business.

At DSG there is one thing that comes above the service we provide to our customers - the safety, health, and welfare of everyone connected to us. This is a culture instilled in the group, from board level across every employee.

We are always there for our customers to speak about how to improve. Having been around for such a long time, we know many our customers intimately and, inturn, we treat our customer’s businesses with a personal touch.

No two people are the same. While we work to ensure our service is always at the highest level, we also work to accommodate the unique circumstances of each person to allow them to thrive both inside and outside the workplace.

Not only do we want to be a positive employer in the communities we work, we want to be a positive force in making them better places. From recreation and sport to the arts and education, DSG has always looked locally for ways it can make a difference.

While we are always learning and developing as a business, we only operate in businesses and markets that we are in a position to affect. Being a family business that is not focused on growth at any cost, we stick to what we know, how we can improve and where we can grow in a targeted, prudent and ethical manner.
+ 130 years in business

We didn't create our values, they have developed naturally over the course of our history.