Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide Safe and Sustainable access to trade and resources. Through investment in infrastructure and skills, and with an emphasis on Health and Safety, we aim to play a positive role in the industries we operate in.


Today, our business comprises of 3 principal divisions:


Terminal Operations
Docking & Ship Repair
Towage & Marine
Bulk Warehousing


Freight Forwarding
Customs Clearance
Project Cargo
Facilities management


Onshore and offshore energy projects, as well as servicing the offshore oil and gas industry focusing particularly on wind energy projects

Our focus

Infrastructure, Skills and Safety are at the core of what we do.

It is our people and the infrastructure we invest in that facilitate the movement of goods in and out of the countries we operate in, while the experience and skills we have built up have contributed to the unique skills to manage large projects and installations.

People rely on us because, as an organisation, we can do things that few others can, including managing crucial infrastructure and navigating complex supply chains.

While this is our goal as a business, the way we approach business is preceded by one thing; the Health and Safety of all of those connected to us. We put safety above all operational concerns and aim to be viewed as one of the most safety conscious organisations in our industry. The value and importance of what we do is clear but if it cannot be done safely, we would rather it not be done at all.

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Our mission is to provide safe and sustainable access to trade and resources.

+ Our priorities

To focus on operating sustainably, pledging to help supply chains and production of renewable energy and materials.

Our vision

Long History to Long Term Vision

From a small operation on the quays of Cork in the 1880’s, DSG has grown into an organisation that impacts all levels of the supply chain from moving cargo through ports to international freight forwarding to supporting the construction of offshore wind farms.

Although our board of directors sets targets, our view is that the setting of arbitrary short-term goals can hamper our mission, as it risks prioritising goals over values. Therefore, our vision is not determined by a specific target. As a family business, we don’t need to tie ourselves to targets to please investors or the public market- we can change our goals, alter our aims and adjust the pace at which we think is the most sensible way to operate and grow.

The performance and quality of our teams will always mean that we can continue to grow organically but our primary mode of strategic growth will continue to be through acquisitions. We are a family business that has built up relationships over decades and welcome organisations and people into the group that share our vision and values. In the coming years we will grow and improve our business in these ways, focusing both on Ireland and International markets, as well as bringing all new and existing business units to the highest possible health and safety standards.

DSG is currently comprised of 3 primary divisions. Although we will always aim to remain close to areas we know and understand, new divisions with distinct missions will be established over time should the opportunity to expand in a new direction emerge.

We will continue to invest in growth which is underlined by shareholders’ long-term thinking. We aim to ensure that this can be done sustainably, pledging to help with the supply chains and production of renewable energy, food and materials.

+ Our Vision

To become an internationally recognised trade and marine infrastructure organisation, with a reputation for sustainable and ethical growth and safety-first approach, while maintaining our family values.