DSG’s Contribution to Back-Up Power

DSG has been instrumental in handling critical components for the Grange Castle dual fuel back-up power plant.

May 17
2 Minutes


Having previously handled six substantial 256-ton diesel engines currently stored at Dublin Port ready for delivery to Grange Castle dual fuel back up power plant, DSG played a pivotal role in the delivery and installation of two significant91-ton transformers at the plant in February. These transformers, supplied by GE, are integral to the power plant’s operations.


Project Overview

The Grange Castle power plant, being constructed by SDCL in West Dublin, will contribute a total of 111 MW of electrical energy to the Irish grid. It will serve as a peak shaver, alleviating peak loads and ensuring grid stability. With the government’s ambitious target of increasing the share of renewable energies in the power supply to 80%, reliable back-up capacity becomes even more crucial. The Grange Castle plant will provide essential support to ensure security of supply during all times of the day and year.


DSG coordinated the shipment of the GE transformers from Derince Port in Turkey via MV Industrial Ruby. Upon arrival at Dublin Port, our Stevedoring Team in Dublin facilitated their safe discharge and handling. Together with the support of our chosen transport and installation partners, DSG ensured the seamless onward delivery and successful installation of the transformers at the designated site. The transformers were carefully placed on the plinth, ready to fulfil their critical role in the power plant’s operations.